Unifloor Underlay Systems in Deventer has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 40 years

Unifloor Underlay Systems

Unifloor Underlay Systems are world leaders in floating sub-floor technology, specialising in dry-lay floor preparation, acoustic solutions and fast-track flooring systems. Based in Deventer, the Netherlands. For more than 30 years, the name Unifloor has become synonymous with high-performance and cost-effective floor underlayments.

Dry-lay floor preparation and fast-track flooring systems

Our product range covers virtually every kind of floor-covering and substrate situation from simple fibreboards to highly sophisticated screed replacement tile systems. Each product has been designed to perfectly compliment a specific type of floor finish by providing the ideal blend of support and surface quality for a prolonged life and enhanced appearance.


We take great care in selecting the right raw materials and monitoring the production of our underlays to maintain the highest standards.

Value for money
We choose the most cost-effective and appropriate methods and materials to achieve our objectives.

Is built-in from design and development to on-going production through careful quality control

We are constantly identifying needs, developing, testing and introducing new products and assessing new materials. Our ideas frequently spring from developments in other industries.

The Environment
The climate is one of our overriding considerations. Recycling, reducing waste, conserving energy and minimising pollution are vital elements in our overall philosophy.

Unifloor, provider of acoustic, fast track subfloor preparation solutions and underlays.
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