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Consumer - 5-year warranty on the entire Jumpax® range


Unifloor now provides a 5-year warranty on the entire Jumpax® range. Unifloor underlines the proven quality of these subfloors. After registration via a web application, the installer and customer receive a warranty certificate. Jumpax® subfloors have proven themselves on all fronts for many years. High-quality is guaranteed with the right combination of top floor and subfloor when fitted following the installation instructions. 

The new stamp which from now on will also be printed on the subfloor.

New Improved Fitting Instructions
To make it as easy as possible for customers to achieve this high-end result, Unifloor has expanded the installation instructions with a clear overview of the correct combinations for both top floor and subfloor. The pictograms of the installation instructions have been reviewed and in some cases refined. These steps enable Unifloor to provide clarity of the installation processes. It is very important that the use of a 200micron polythene sheet be used underneath all of our products, as indicated by Unifloor in the installation instructions. In practice, installers sometimes omit this for various reasons, this can lead to invalidation of the warranty and serious damage to both the subfloor and the top floor.

Web Application – Registration for Warranty
Unifloor has made it as easy as possible for installers to register for the five-year warranty. A web application has been specially designed for this purpose, where the retailer registers once. After filling in the required data and the project details, Unifloor automatically sends a warranty certificate. This certificate states the location and installation date of the project, as well as the subfloor to be used. The details from the web application are stored in a private database in a secure environment. Unifloor explicitly declares not to use this data for commercial purposes.The web application has been created in such a way that after a one-time registration, the retailer will be able to log in automatically every time thereafter. Once you are logged in, you can view all the certificates that have been registered to your account and issued previously.

This web application is suitable for both tablets and smartphones and can be easily accessed using a shortcut.