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NEW: 5 year warranty on Jumpax® range

The fact that warranty is an important issue is shown by the fact that more and more manufacturers are giving years of warranty on their top floors. At Domotex in Hannover, Unifloor will present a web application that allows the retailer to easily request a warranty on Jumpax® subfloors. The warranty certificate is generated automatically and sent directly to the customer, which means that it requires only limited administrative work and offers years of security. 

Starting mid-January, you can use the following link warranty-uniflooronline.com to apply for a warranty certificate for all our Jumpax® products. When you register, you need to fill in a number of data once and you can also view previously requested certificates.

In the upcoming months, this web application will be further expanded with laying instructions and product information, in order to be of even better service to you. The warranty conditions and further information about the web application can be found on warranty-uniflooronline.com.