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Project - Case study Jumpax® HD

Unifloor were contacted by professional installers Peers Flooring about a 60m2 project, which had three different substrates to cover. The end user wanted to insulate the floor for warmth and to reduce the acoustic noise, whilst requiring a way to smooth all three areas of timber floorboards, concrete slab, and asphalt floor into one height. After a site survey from a member of our team, the decision was made to use Jumpax® HD, which fulfilled all these requirements and gave the perfect finish for the Amtico Signature Herringbone which was later installed.

As you can see from the pictures taken during the construction work, the three areas needed real work to blend them into one satisfactory smooth, flat  surface in the large kitchen, dining, and lounging area .

Jumpax® HD is a product suitable for all resilient floorcoverings, including engineered wood. It is designed for heavy use, with a strong and solid finish, consisting of a 4mm MDF top board and a 6mm base board, made of 4mm MDF and 2mm of green foam underlay. When combined, using the interactive adhesive, it results in a 10mm floating subfloor that is durable and hard wearing. The Jumpax® HD was fitted over all three substrates, blending them into one seamless large area, whilst providing the thermal insulation and an acoustic impact noise reduction of 22db.


The finished result speaks for itself, delivering exactly what the customer asked for, with a quick, dry, and easy to install solution to a problematic floor.