Unifloor, subfloor preparation systems

Project - Old meets new

An important development within the project design is that many old buildings, old factory buildings and department stores for example, are given a new use as office space. When refurbishing such buildings, project developers often face a number of challenges, especially with regard to problematic surfaces.

One of the problems is the quick levelling of the surface, often on a wooden support floor. Having to wait until the floor has fully cured, while the job has to be completed within a very short period of time. Have you ever heard of dry levelling? It is the quickest way to solve this problem. Unifloor has a unique product portfolio specifically aimed at dry levelling, which also creates an extremely flat surface. An elastic top floor can be laid directly on top of it. So no more waiting time, but rather a considerable gain of time and thus cost savings. Both for the project designer and for the client. Ask our technical advisors which product would be most suitable for your project and experience the benefits of dry levelling for yourself.