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Project - Jumpax® HD the dry alternative to wet levelling

As a Project Manager, have you noticed a lot of repairs are required to damaged floors after walls and window frames have been demolished during building refurbishments? Or possible height differences that occur between one room and another? A lot of time and manpower is lost to get these floors properly levelled with wet levelling products. You can save time and labour with the dry subfloor system that is quick, easy, clean and immediately walkable: Jumpax® HD.

The system
The subfloor system consists of 4mm high-quality MDF top boards and base boards, both provided with an interactive adhesive layer, which removes the need for gluing or screwing in the workplace. A leveling and impact sound-reducing substrate is attached to the base board. 

Jumpax® HD is ideal for situations where there is a heavy (pressure) load in a room, due to fitness equipment, store- or storage-racks, or simply because there is a lot of 'traffic' such as in hotel lobbies and conference centres. Jumpax® HD is equipped with a special PE foam that is extremely stable and makes the subfloor suitable for heavy or intensive loads. As this subfloor also contributes to excellent impact sound reduction, it is often used in the renovation of hotel rooms. Projects where time and speed are essential, dry levelling can help to complete the project within the agreed timeframes. Jumpax® HD can be laid on solid sand cement floors. Like all products in the Jumpax® family, Jumpax® HD is a free-floating system. You will, therefore, save significant time on the delivery of your project by using this dry levelling system. As there is no drying time, you can directly install the top floor and then carry out other activities in the room where the new floor has been installed. 

Impact sound reduction
Jumpax® HD, in combination with linoleum and LVT, achieves an impact sound reduction of 21 dB ΔLlin measured according to EN ISO 10140-3:2010.

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