Unifloor, subfloor preparation systems

Project - Marathon Premium® – Versatile and Cost Effective.

In addition to the well-known Jumpax® subfloors, Unifloor has developed the Marathon® range. This series of subfloors preparation is particularly aimed at the domestic housing market. The Marathon Premium® is also very suitable for use with LVT, Carpets and Cushion Floor and its pricing makes it an appealing option.


The Marathon Premium® consists of a single-layer of 4mm MDF that overlays with a 4mm fibreboard underneath. This fibreboard ensures a smooth finish on any surface by eliminating slight unevenness and it also has a sound-insulating effect. Just like Jumpax®, the Marathon Premium® provides a quick, dry and smooth subfloor that can be fitted on immediately. For the busy domestic market place this provides an option to retailers and floor layers to prepare a floor quickly and cost effectively.

The overall thickness of the Marathon Premium® 8mm.
The Marathon impact sound reduction: + 19dB ΔLw on a concrete subfloor.


Marathon Premium® has the FSC quality mark.