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Insulating, fast track floor prep system for resilients and carpets used over electrical floor heating

Jumpax Heat Isolator

  • Impact Sound
  • Walking sound
  • Fire classes
  • Most suitable for electrical floor heating
  • Most stable super smooth surface
  • Immediately ready for glue down of resilients
  • Can be used over all types of substrates
  • Impact sound reduction 21 dB ΔLw
  • High insulating sub layer, with adhesive overlap

Insulating, fast track floor prep system for resilients and carpets used over electrical floor heating

Jumpax® Heat Isolator is a combination of Heat-Pak® and Heat-Blok®. Jumpax® Heat Isolator is a complete fast track floor prep system for glue-down of all resilients and carpets, used over an electrical floor heating system.

Heat-Pak® is made from high quality MDF and consists out of a 3 mm bottom board and a 4 mm top board. Both boards are provided with a layer of interactive adhesive, which unites them to one solid sub floor system. Heat-Pak® is directly fitted over the electrical floor heating system (TOG 0,7).

Heat-Blok® with only 6 mm, is a most effective thermal insulation (TOG 1,9), isolating cold floors. Heat-Blok® is placed directly underneath the electrical floor heating system.

Jumpax® Heat Isolator is the ideal choice for use in combination with electrical floor heating, providing a low TOG (thermal resistance) on the surface and a high TOG on the bottom, guarding the warmth and isolating the cold.

Jumpax® Heat Isolator combined with an electrical floor heating system and covered with glue down linoleum, achieves a fantastic 21 dB ΔLw impact sound reduction according to EN-ISO 10140-3:2010.

* The acoustical improvement as expressed is measured on a standard concrete floor under laboratory circumstances. The impact sound reduction on a wooden substrate will differ from these results. In case of a power floated floor, the noise reduction of the composed finished floor covering will always depend on the impact sound reduction of the initial floor screed, on which the power floated floor is built upon.