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Jumpax Profile
Jumpax Profile

Jumpax Profile

  • The profile is installed flush with the floorcovering
  • Most stable to support rolling traffic
  • Connections are practically watertight
  • Most easy to assemble (without screws)
  • Total width is 9,7 cm, covered with flooring only 3,8 cm is visible

Jumpax Profile provides the possibility for the floor to expand and contract.

When using Jumpax® in larger areas, it is required to create additional expansion when working over 10 meter in length and width.

The Jumpax® profile consists out of two aluminium profiles and a rubber profile in the middle. The aluminium profiles are equipped with a strong self-adhesive tape. Both aluminium profiles are secured to the Jumpax® Baseboard by use of this tape. Then the rubber profile is “snapped” into both of the aluminium profiles.

The Jumpax® Profile is designed to be assembled flush with a resilient floor covering up to 3 mm, which connects virtually seamless and therefore creates a practically watertight connection. The rubber profile of course provides the possibility for the floor to expand and contract. After assembly of the Jumpax® Profile the complete flooring surface remains completely level, without any elevations, not disturbing any rolling traffic.

The Jumpax® Profile can be applied before and even after having installed the Jumpax® Classic (Original) and Jumpax® HD subfloor system.


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