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The sound reducing underfloor especially for laminate flooring with a (glueless) “click and fit” system
The sound reducing underfloor especially for laminate flooring with a (glueless) “click and fit” system


  • Impact Sound
  • Walking sound
  • Fire classes
  • Stability
  • High stability
  • High levelling abilities
  • Impact sound reduction 21 dB ΔLw
  • Good thermal insulation
  • 100% natural product

The sound reducing underfloor especially for laminate flooring with a (glueless) “click and fit” system

Redupax+® is a revolutionary sound reducing underlay system specifically designed for click laminate flooring.

An important aspect concerning the transmission of sound is that these “clicked” floors are behaving differently than the traditional tongue and groove glued laminate floors. Thanks to its stability, Redupax+® provides the right answer by reducing the impact sound and airborne sound drastically.

Redupax+® has been extensively tested at independent, internationally recognized and accredited institutes and meets the requirements of the British Building Regulations. Redupax+® reduces impact sound transmission by 21 dB Δ Lw according to the European norm ISO-10140-3:2010, where the testfloor is weighted with an extra 23 kg per m2, therewith simulating a real life situation of a furnished room. This improvement has been obtained on a concrete base floor with an affixed screed*.

Besides this, Redupax+® achieves better results concerning the reduction of airborne sound compared to several foam underlay types. Redupax+® achieves a sound reduction that is 20 dB better than open cell foam and 12 dB better compared to closed cell foam! (Tested at IHD Dresden, Germany).

A refined combination of excellent materials provides the floor covering with the essential stability, which is not only of great positive influence on controlling the transmission of sound, but at the same time guarantees to extend the lifespan of your precious laminate floor. Redupax+® is made from the highest quality of pure natural wood leavings and is therewith totally environment friendly and can be entirely made into compost.

A quick and simple floating installation makes Redupax+® most user friendly.

In addition to that, Redupax+® provides an excellent thermal insulation and will level out every kind of uneven substrate up to 3 mm.

So choosing the Redupax+® system will not only maximize sound reduction but will also extend the lifespan of your valuable new “click and fit” laminate flooring.

* In case of floating substrate systems the sound reduction of the finished floor covering will always depend on the impact sound reduction of the existing substrate.