Jumpax CP is most easy to combine
and reduces much sound!


Jumpax CP® is a 2-layer fast track floor prep method; a screed replacement system with many applications. The unique overlap construction of two 6 mm panels, already provided with a contact adhesive, will create a strong, stable and a super smooth surface. This surface is immediately suitable to take on a large variety of finished floor coverings, including ceramic tiles. Jumpax CP® is able to withstand dynamic and static loading and is almost completely impervious to moisture.

The impact sound reduction of JUMPAX CP® was tested on a timber supporting floor and gave the following results:

Jumpax® CP Basic (combined with Parmafloor®)
total thickness 21 mm: 25 dB ΔLw

Jumpax® CP Wet (combined with Cocofloor Basic®)
total thickness 20 mm: 25 dB ΔLw

Jumpax® CP Fire (combined with wool felt)
total thickness 15 mm: 27 dB ΔLw

Compared to many competitive products and with only a limited thickness, Jumpax CP® performs an amazing impact sound reduction.


Special Jumpax knives

Sometimes we notice that the Jumpax® panels are scored with a utility knife holding straight blades.

The new Jumpax® half-moon knife however, will able you, with less energy, to put more pressure on the tip of the knife. This way you will be able to score much deeper, snap the boards easier and even save more valuable installation time.


Jumpax CP to take on the floor renovation of ancient Army Barracks in Arnhem, Holland.


Soon a large renovation project will start in Arnhem. Four buildings of the old Saksen Weimar Army Barracks will be transferred into so called ´workshop houses´.

In these historic surroundings, artists are offered a place to live and to work at the same time. Expectations are that later this year these houses will be finished and will welcome the first new occupants.

Jumpax CP® (Cement Bonded Panel) was the only alternative to safely secure the acoustics, eliminating the height differences, providing perfect levelling and creating a super smooth surface, directly suitable for any type of finished floor covering.
Jumpax CP® is a fast track floor preparation and screed replacement tile system. In this particular situation Jumpax CP® will be combined with Uniboard®, which will prevent the transmission of impact noise and at the same time create space for the implementation of services into the subfloor.


New Website is
on its way!

As we speak the new Unifloor Website is being build. Lots of changes are being made, creating it into a fully updated, state of the art, most user friendly digital tool.

It is expected that our new website will go live near the beginning of the fall. Until that time the present web site will be active to serve you. We will keep you updated on any developments!

REDU-PANEL used in a renovation project of the Royal Naval College in Den Helder (NL)

During this summer a substantial amount of REDU-PANEL® is being fitted in the Royal Naval College in Den Helder. REDU-PANEL® is a high performance acoustic, free floating overlay flooring panel, capable of creating a level and most stable subfloor, to take on a variety of finished floor coverings.

At this great scale renovation it is essential that the original (but bad) subfloor is preserved because of the historic and monumental values and characteristics of the building. The surface of REDU-PANEL® will be finished off with Carpet en LVT.


German Fitness Studios fitted out with a Jumpax HD


In Berlin the First McFit Fitness Studio is being fitted out with a new floor. McFit is a chain operation of Fitness Studios throughout the whole of Germany.

Because of the most intensive use of the floor, our Jumpax HD® (Heavy Duty) was chosen for this job. Jumpax HD® is an acoustic, fast track subfloor preparation system for all types of resilient floor coverings. Jumpax HD® is fitted in heavy traffic situations and provides excellent resistance against continuous loads.
As a result of its special qualities, Jumpax HD® already has been fitted in many fitness rooms, dance halls and shopping areas.

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