Super Sound Reduction performance
of JUMPAX CP on a wooden
separation floor.


With Jumpax© CP very good acoustic results have been achieved recently. Mounted in combination with various resilient sub layers, all sound reduction tests have been completed most positively:
Jumpax© CP combined with CocoFloor© Basic, suitable for wet rooms, showed an improvement of 25 dB Lw. The combination with a 9 mm Soft Board (ParmaFloor©) also showed an improvement of 25 dB Lw. The best result was achieved with Wool Felt. This combination scored a stunning 27 dB Lw Impact Sound Reduction!

Jumpax© CP is a 2-layer fast track floor prep method; a screed replacement system with many applications. The unique overlap construction of two 6 mm panels, already provided with a contact adhesive will create a strong, stable and a super smooth surface. This surface is immediately suitable to take on a large variety of finished floor coverings, including ceramic tiles. Jumpax© CP is able to withstand dynamic and static loading and is almost completely impervious to moisture.


Heat-Foil, most suitable for LVT-Click!

As a universal underlay providing outstanding transference of heat, Heat-Foil© has been designed especially for application over floor heating and floor cooling systems. Because of a minimal thickness of just 1,2 mm and a density of 150 kg/m3, Heat-Foil© will simply transmit the warmth to the floor surface (TOG 0,14).

Furthermore Heat-Foil© is most suitable to be used as an acoustic, fast track sub floor preparation system for LVT click finished floor coverings. Because of its leveling abilities and its utmost stability, Heat-Foil© will provide more than sufficient strength to support the LVT click tile.


Jumpax conquers the USA!


Over the last 7 years, many flooring projects in the USA have been realised with our Jumpax© acoustic floor preparation system, suitable for all resilient floor coverings. The market for reslients (vinyl, rubber, cork, marmoleum) in the USA is very big, in which Jumpax© has taken its rightful place. As a result Jumpax© is now recommended by reputable resilient floor covering producers.

Jumpax© is now widely used domestically as commercially. Jumpax© as a free-floating sub-floor, instantly smoothing over typical irregularities and eliminating the need for screeds, primers, ply boards and nails. It is not necessary to remove old floor coverings, loosening screeds or surface contamination. Failures of new floors due to problem substrates, minor cracks or laitance become a thing of the past. Using the JUMPAX system will save you considerable time and money,
Our most respected American Customers, when referring to Jumpax©, talk about ´Fast Track Floor Prep´. Momentarily they are engaged in a large floor renovation project in Ford Carson, a military base. The reason for choosing Jumpax© here is the time issue and the speed of installation.


The entire UNIFLOOR team is already making its preparations for the next exhibition season. Here you find a small list of important venues in which we will participate.

Hannover (Germany)
12 - 14 january 2013

München (Germany)
14 - 19 january 2013

Las Vegas (USA)
29 - 31 january 2013

Utrecht (Netherlands)
4 - 9 february 2013

Vakdagen Parket en

Gorinchem (Netherlands)
8 - 10 april 2013

Hmmm.... Handy!

Just as a reminder....: When opening the pack, the Jumpax© top boards are easily separated by just placing your knee (or foot) in the middle of the stack of boards and pull them backwards. You will hear a ´snap´ after which you will be able to separate them most easy.

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