I´ll bet you that...
floor heating will also perform perfectly outdoors with Unifloor product!


On Saturday the 6st of October, the German television broadcast show called "Wetten Dass..." (translation: I´ll Bet You That...), proclaimed the following wager:
The bet was made that more than 500 body painted people, lying outside in the open air, would be able to form the logo of the local Bundesliga football club Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Now to make this as comfortable as possible for all the participants, the German Company WarmUp Plc Heizsysteme installed a perfect circle of 400 m2 electrical floor heating. This electrical Heating system was fitted onto Unifloor´s floor insulator HEAT-BLOK® and covered by Unifloor´s fast track floor prep system for all resilient floor coverings, HEAT-PAK®. The perfect smooth surface of HEAT-PAK® was then completely covered by a non woven textile, featuring the Fortuna Düsseldorf logo.
Then more than 500 body painted people laid down on this surface and together they assembled the club logo.
And you know what? Thanks to WarmUp and Unifloor, they did not even suffer any cold, even though the outside temperature was only 8° C.

The entire show was watched by more than 13 million people and... the bet was won!

I´ll bet you that you would like to know more about our special sub floor systems for floor heating?

So please contact us at Unifloor!

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Fast Track Professionals at work


It´s noon, and it´s raining


The first test installation


The logo coming along nicely

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