Tarkett uses Jumpax® HD for its
entire showroom in Paris!


Tarkett has recently opened their new Tarkett Studio, a four floor training centre and showroom of more than 4000m2 just outside of Paris. It´s a unique working space dedicated to helping customers, architects and designers find the right flooring solution for their different projects.

As an acoustic, fast track floor preparation system, Tarkett chose to use our Jumpax® HD (Heavy Duty). The reason for using Jumpax® was that three floor levels involved so called raised excess flooring. This means that normal traditional floor preparation would be virtually impossible, and not to say in the least, very expensive. Jumpax® HD however is then the perfect solution: A free floating system, immediately levelling out the raised excess flooring and creating a super smooth jointless surface, to which beautiful Tarkett finished resilient floor covering, was glued immediately. Pictures speak for themselves.


LVT (PVC) click most sensible for grinning through.

When for instance an LVT click is fitted onto a ceramic floor, chances are there that you will notice the ceramic tile joints grinning through to the surface.

Unifloor knows how to deal with these kinds of problems and has developed Marathon® Dual, an acoustic, fast track sub floor preparation system for cushion vinyl, and LVT click. Marathon® Dual will level out most substrates and will create a super smooth surface, immediately ready for fitting floor covering.

As an acoustic subfloor, Marathon® Dual is most suitable for use in multi storey buildings, such as apartments. Here a sufficient degree of sound insulation is essential. For this aspect, Marathon® Dual has been tested in combination with a 4 mm LVT click and performs an impact sound reduction of 21 dB Lw!


The New Website


In the beginning of 2013 the new Unifloor website will be launched. The last preparations are being made as we write this news letter. In due course we will inform you on the introduction date.


Hannover (D)
12 - 14 January 2013

München (D)
14 - 19 January 2013

Utrecht (NL)
4 - 9 February 2013

Recommendations by reputable glue manufacturers

From many reputable glue manufacturers, our Jumpax® acoustic fast track floor preparation system, has received glue recommendations. These manufacturers state that their recommended glue, without any problem can be used on the surface of Jumpax® to adhere the various resilient floor coverings, such as vinyl, linoleum, etc. Please do not hesitate contacting us anytime should you want to know more.

Do not forget to acclimatize!

As momentarily the outside temperature is dropping, and therefore the differences with room temperature is increasing, it is even more important to first acclimatize our underlay material in the room where they are meant to be fitted.

The end of the year...

The last shipments of this year will leave Unifloor on Thursday the 20th of December. Our Customer Services however can still be reached on normal working hours up to the end of the year.

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