New Subfloor Systems introduced at International flooring exhibitions


In January Unifloor exhibited at various international venues: DOMOTEX in Hannover and BAU in Munich. Also at SURFACES in Las Vegas Unifloor products were shown and demonstrated by Sound Seal / Impacta, our exclusive distribution partner for the United States and Canada.

At the request of its international custom, Unifloor developed an ideal acoustic underlay for laminate flooring as well as engineered wood. BlueFloor® is only 3 mm thick, performing an impact sound reduction of no less than 21 dB Lw, tested with the actual floor covering! To prevent creep, BlueFloor® is provided with an Anti-Slip layer. It is most easy to install.


We have also introduced the more robust acoustic FunFloor®. A 5 mm most stable sub layer for floating laminates and engineered wood flooring. FunFloor® shows an impact sound reduction of no less than 21 dB Lw, tested with the actual floor covering! You´ll be surprised by its outstanding performance and not to say in the least by its outer looks!


Heat-Foil® now has received the TüV certificate for its performance of 21 dB Lw impact sound reduction with laminate!
Heat-Foil® 1,2mm, is a universal underlay with a super low heat resistance (TOG 0,14), which is designed especially for application over traditional floor heating and floor cooling systems. Being able to also perform an impact sound reduction of 21 dB Lw in combination with floating laminate flooring, Heat-Foil® now has positioned itself as being a mature, complete and most reliable acoustic subfloor system.

Our R&D have even further developed our Heat-Foil® system and adapted this acoustic sub layer completely into RedFloor®, meant for perfect use in combination with LVT Click. Just by removing the overlap and the glue-strip (not needed under LVT Click) RedFloor® is installed before you know it and making it most suitable for the thinnest variations of click LVT´s. RedFloor® also is accredited with a TüV certificate for performing 21 dB Lw impact sound reduction in combination with LVT Click.


EcoPearls® general purpose fast track floor leveling grain. A new ecological dry building material, consisting only of specially treated natural wood chips. Besides its fantastic leveling abilities, it also offers excellent acoustics and heat insulating properties.

The use of EcoPearls® is a dry method of fast track floor leveling and filling out cavities around pipes and other services on the floor. This method provides a major advantage for builders to be able to continue floor build-up straight after application.
EcoPearls® are environmentally-friendly, are most easy to use, compact down well and stay firm.
EcoPearls® are ideal to be used underneath a wide variety of Unifloor acoustic fast track sub floor preparation systems, such as Jumpax® Original, Jumpax® HD (Heavy Duty), Jumpax® CP (Cement bonded Panel), but also underneath MultiPanel® and ReduPanel®.


Jumpax® in the spotlights


During all the exhibitions Jumpax® demonstrations were performed round the clock, attracting the attention of numerable professional flooring people.

Jumpax® is an acoustic fast track subfloor preparation system for all types of resilient floor coverings. Jumpax® will save you precious time and loads of floor prep trouble. Moreover it performs the best acoustics you´ll ever find with resilients. Jumpax® will keep your customer in!

The successful Jumpax® Family serves practically all types of finished floor coverings and deals with almost all types of problematic substrate situations:

Jumpax® Original: a unique acoustic fast track sub floor preparation system for the immediate glue-down of all resilient floorings, such as sheet vinyl, LVT´s , linoleum, cork, rubber, but also carpet and carpet tiles.

Jumpax® HD (Heavy Duty) is an acoustic, fast track floor prep system for glue down of all resilient floor coverings in heavy project use. It can be used over almost any type of floor construction as well as floor heating systems

Jumpax® CP (Cement bonded Panel) is a universal fast track dry floor preparation method and is used as a screed replacement system over various structural substrates.

Jumpax® Ceramics is a fast track, free floating and dry levelling sub floor preparation system for ceramic tiles and natural stone floors, performing fantastic acoustics.

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