Ecological, revolutionary dry build levelling grain...


A new dry levelling material made from mineralised woodchips from sustainable forests, offering excellent acoustic and heat insulation properties for floors and ceilings. It´s environmentally-friendly, easy to use and compacts down well without any water nor cement.


EcoPearls® is an ecological dry build material consisting only of natural wood chips and mineral aggregates. The mineralized woodchips enable builders for the first time to make use of ecological material at a level of costs that is comparable to conventional non-recyclable materials.

The special shape of the EcoPearls® allow them to interlock (clawing mechanism). Because of this unique quality pouring, filling and surfacing with EcoPearls® allows the material to be easily levelled directly after application. The settling behaviour is close to 0, which means that compaction of EcoPearls® after application is not needed.


The use of EcoPearls® is a dry method of fast track floor leveling and preparation. Therefore this method provides a major advantage for builders to be able to continue floor build-up straight after the application of EcoPearls®.

EcoPearls® can be used in a wide variety of situations such as under calcium-sulphate, dry or concrete screeds, under mastic asphalt, in wood beam ceilings and as a general purpose levelling material. It is an ideal levelling material for domestic- and commercial use.


EcoPearls® are most ideal to be used underneath a wide variety of Unifloor fast track sub floor preparation systems, such as Jumpax® Original, Jumpax® HD (Heavy Duty), Jumpax® CP (Cement bonded Panel), but also underneath MultiPanel® and ReduPanel®.


Benefits of EcoPearls®
levelling grain:


Ecological dry build levelling material


Surface usable straight after application


Levels out irregularities such as pipes and other feed lines.


Improved acoustics and thermal
insulation compared to conventional materials


Installation height as low as from 2 mm up to 100 mm


Self-compressing, it sets as if it is made with concrete


Unaffected by mould or fungus


Most stable under pressure


Light weight

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