Jumpax speeds up flooring renovation
of hospital in Sao Paulo.


For over 119 years, Hospital Samaritano in Sao Paulo has stood out for its excellence and humanization in health care. The hospitals present capacity is 315 beds and employs 3.500 professionals. Over the years many renovations, modernisations and expansions have taken place.

With the objective to considerably shorten valuable installation time and to create as little as disturbance as possible, the last floor renovations were carried out with the use of Jumpax®, the acoustic, fast-track floor preparation system. Jumpax® is dry lay underlay system, which will level out the existing substrate and will create a super smooth surface, suitable for the immediate glue-down of any resilient floor covering. In this case the Jumpax® surface was overlaid with Armstrong® vinyl floor covering.

Both Jumpax® and Armstrong® were provided and fitted by the Revitech company, who offer exclusive services to architects, builders and specifiers throughout Brazil.


Jumpax® Dual demonstration film


Acoustic Fast-Track Sub Floor Preparation Instantly Dealing With Various Subfloor Problems

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