Amsterdam Historical Museum


This corridor with old cobblestones, of hundreds’ of years old, was intended to be overlaid with a carpet of art made by a most celebrate artist. Because of the state of unevenness of the existing surface and the nature of the cobblestones, would not be doing justice to the carpet of art, which actually would come to its best life on a totally levelled and flat surface.

The existing situation was that over a surface of approximately 5 m by 30 m, these cobblestones originally were laid in a bed of the sand, on top of a cellar area. It was also impossible to raise the subfloor too much and the old stones of course were not to be removed and needed to be preserved.

So then a combination of Jumpax® CP (Cement bonded Panel) on top 4 mm CocoFloor® (a coconut fibre roll material), in total 16 mm, was fitted straight onto the cobblestones. With this procedure the subfloor was smoothed out immediately, without any smell, mess or delays. The whole job did not take more than 2 days.

Remarkably the same area was used as the condolence area when Mr. Johan Cruijff had passed away, and was therefore visited by many, many celebrate people.


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