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Vita Glasgow is the 10th Vita Student Accommodation project and the largest development to date in UK’s 3rd largest university city. The development comprises of 473 spacious studios, and 28 4-bedroom clusters.

Jumpax® acoustic fast-track subfloor prep system is largely and successfully being applied in renovation and new build activities of various VITA* Student accommodations throughout the UK.

In a relative short period of time, Jumpax® produces an exceptionally stable, free floating, super smooth surface. Jumpax® performs instant floor levelling of problematic substrates. Immediately after installation, the immaculate Jumpax® surface is ready for glue down of any type of resilient floor covering, such as vinyl, linoleum, rubber, etc.

Glue down resilient floor coverings like vinyl and linoleum, require extensive floor preparation. The sub floor condition should be a hard, stable and seamless surface to ensure the integrity of the resilient floor covering. In addition, acoustical underlayment is required to increase the Impact insulation of the renovated floor/ceiling assembly.

Solution: Jumpax®, A pre-fab, acoustic, free floating, dry levelling, fast-track subfloor preparation system by Unifloor BV from Holland.

*VITA designs engaging communal spaces, recruits wonderful team members that care about people and create a social calendar with exciting activities every week in Vita Student residences across the UK. VITA has established a brand with an unswerving commitment to exceptional customer service and have made it their priority to ensure every customer is guaranteed the legendary Vita Student experience. The Vita Student Accommodations are a place to discover, experience and live during the students time at University.


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