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Jumpax Family fast-track floor preparation systems

The Jumpax® Family consist out of several fast-track floor preparation systems. Each of them is designed to perfectly compliment a specific type of floor finish and/or base floor situation. Therewith providing the ideal blend of support and surface quality for a prolonged life and enhanced appearance.

The two self-adhesive components are quickly and easily fitted as a free-floating sub-floor, instantly smoothing over typical irregularities and eliminating the need for screeds, primers, ply boards and nails. It is not necessary to remove old floor coverings, loose screeds or even surface contamination. Failures of new floors due to problem substrates, minor cracks or laitance become a thing of the past. Using Jumpax® saves considerable time and money.

Download the Jumpax Family brochure here.


 Watch the video below for a short explanation of the Jumpax Classic (1 min)

Jumpax® Box

The Jumpax® BOX contents samples of all the Jumpax® versions and all the other Unifloor products which can be used in combination with Jumpax®

This box is intended for wholesalers, home furnishers and parquet installers. If you complete the contact form, the Jumpax® Box will be handed to you personally by one of our technical consultants.

Interested to receive the Jumpax® BOX? Please contact us and we will get in touch with you.

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