Unifloor Underlay Systems in Deventer has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 40 years

corporate social responsibility (CSR)

A company is socially responsible if it consciously directs its activities towards adding value for people, planet and profit, constantly seeks a careful balance in this, is actively and transparently accountable and maintains an open dialogue with its stakeholders.

Companies can even go a step further and focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation with benefits for people, society and the environment. Now and in the future.

What are the objectives of Unifloor B.V.? In order to meet the reduction target for 2022, we will take various measures:

Measure Gas consumption
This measure relates to the reduction of gas consumption.
Reducing heating costs, particularly in the production area, by insulating more around the heat tunnels and the roof.

Measure Electricity consumption
This measure relates to the reduction of electricity consumption.
Generating our own electricity by installing panels on our own roofs at one of our three production sites.

Measure CO2 emissions
This measure relates to the reduction of CO2
50% of our field staff in the Netherlands drive fully electric.

What else do we do?

All plastic packaging is collected separately in our production and pressed into bales.

The majority of our range is manufactured from wood fibre material that can be fully recycled. Examples are Thermofelt®, Soundkiller®, Redupax®, Jumpax® Nature. We also purchase roll materials that are recyclable, such as HeatFoil®, RedFloor® and Bluefloor®. We also work with natural materials such as an underlay of coconut fibre and sheep's wool.

We work with transport company van Rheenen. Van Rheenen has 94% of the fleet equipped with a top engine in the higher emission segment. All vehicles have Michelin Savergreen tyres and run on BP and TRAXX fuels that not only meet internationally set quality standards, but are also equipped with unique additives. These additives ensure that these fuels keep the engines cleaner, so that they run more smoothly and consume less fuel.

Virtually all wood-based raw materials and products are purchased in accordance with FSC regulations.