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Barracks Arnhem

Application: impact sound reduction, concealing pipes, stable and flat subfloor

Surface area: 7,000 m²

Product: Jumpax® CP

The Sachsen Weimar Barracks in Arnhem was looking for a solution for their existing floor construction. Pipes on the floor (photo 2) had to be concealed and a requirement for noise reduction had to be met. In the existing situation, it was not possible to cut the cables due to the limited thickness of the floor construction.

Unifloor had the right solution in house by using Uniboard® in combination with EcoPearls® and Jumpax® CP.

Uniboard® wood fibreboards with a thickness of 30 mm were placed between the pipes already installed (photo 3), so that the pipes were effortlessly concealed. The space between the pipes and the boards was then filled with EcoPearls® (photo 5). Jumpax® CP (photo 6), 12 mm in height, was chosen as the finishing floor to create a very stable and flat subfloor. The great advantage of Jumpax® CP is that virtually any type of flooring can be laid on it.

This total combination has a build-up height of just 4.2 cm. This underfloor solution not only conceals the pipes but also achieves an impact sound reduction of no less than 19 dB.

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