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Property Huis ter Heide

Application: Levelling a bad sand cement floor

Surface area: 50 m²

Product: Ecopearls® and Redupax®.

Dwelling house with poor subsoil provided with Ecopearls. On top of this Redupax is placed. A parquet floor has been installed on the Redupax subfloor. Here's a reaction from the user:

"If the subfloor is not even, we have to level it. This is especially necessary if there are any unevennesses in the sand-cement floor. This can be done with a product such as egaline, a wet levelling compound. You cannot walk on it directly and you have to wait until the next day to lay the floor.

It can also be done dry with ecologically sound granules. The advantages are that you can walk on it directly. The granules reduce noise and are resistant to mould and vermin. In addition, we have processed the ecopearls and processing is very easy. In short, a perfect way of levelling.

The floor has been laid by Houten Vloeren paleis uit Soest.

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