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Car showroom

Application: dry levelling, floating subfloor for Arturo cast floor

Surface area: 300 m²

Product: Jumpax® CP with Greenfloor

The showroom of a car dealer needed a new floor. The problem was cracks in the concrete floor and an unstable floor. Wet levelling was not a solution because there was a big chance that the cracks would return in time. Dry levelling and a floating underlay was the right solution.

GreenFloor®, 3 mm wool felt, was used to level the screed. In addition, GreenFloor® has a fire-resistant function. Jumpax® CP was laid on top of this. This created a very stable and level subfloor with a very high pressure load.

In case of a wooden supporting floor, GreenFloor® in combination with Jumpax® CP (2 x 6 mm cement board) also has a impact sound reduction of no less than 11 dB.

On this Jumpax® CP subfloor, after scraping with an epoxy layer, the Arturo® self-levelling floor was applied, which was finished with a transparent, wear and scratch resistant topcoat. The result: a showroom with a luxurious appearance which makes the cars 'pop'.

Images of the showroom completed: ©Arturo Unique Flooring
Images of the old situation: Unifloor

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