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Cocofloor 4mm

  • Only 4 mm thick
  • Moisture, rot and mildew resistant
  • High levelling capacity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install
  • TOG - 1.2

CocoFloor® is an impact sound reducing subfloor which also has excellent insulating properties.

CocoFloor®  is an impact sound reducing subfloor which also has excellent insulating properties. For example, the thermal resistance (the degree to which the CocoFloor® is resistance to warmth) is 0,12 m2 .K/W.

CocoFloor® is supplied on a roll and is easy and simple to lay (always first place a vapour resistant polythene sheet on the substrate). Despite the low thickness of 4 mm, CocoFloor® has a large levelling capacity and is capable of absorbing small irregularities.

CocoFloor® is an environmentally friendly product, made of coconut fibre in combination with polyester cotton. CocoFloor® is used as an underlay under Unifloor subfloors or subfloor systems, among others.

The combination of CocoFloor® with Jumpax® Nature and 11 mm engineered wood is a 22 dB solution. In addition, the combination of Redupanel® and CocoFloor® provides a 22 dB solution with 6 and 9 mm massiv wood.