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EcoPearls levelling grain

EcoPearls levelling grain

  • Fills hollows, cracks and levels height differences: warped floors, pipe channels and other feed lines
  • High-build levelling from 0 up to 100 mm!
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal properties
  • Reducing costs to 1/3 of traditional screeding methods
  • Lightweight and most easy to handle

Eco-friendly dry-levelling granules. Fast-track floor prep and levelling in one.

EcoPearls® general purpose levelling granules, is developed to give instant, stable, dry-levelling of irregularities such as dished and warped floor-boards, pipe channels, feed lines and floor height differences from 0 to 100 mm, resulting from buil-ding alterations or extensions.

The natural wood chips with mineral coating make EcoPearls® lightweight and easy to handle. Simply pour the dry granules and spread out to fill and level the low area. Excess granules are swept up for re-use, so there is no wastage.

The mineral coating makes the granules highly mould resistant and acts as a binding agent to prevent movement, even when used to create a shallow ramp between floor heights. In deep-fill situations the angular shaped granules are easily compacted by tamping with a short batten to remove air pockets, locking them permanently together.

One 50 litre bag provides the equivalent bulk of more than three bags of smoothing compound, but weighs and costs about the same as one. And of course, EcoPearls® is 100% compatible with Jumpax Nature®, Jumpax HD® or ReduPanel®. Dry, instant results. No mixing. No setting. No wastage.