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Heat-Blok® 6 mm, is a most effective thermal insulation, perfect to isolate cold floors.

Heat-Blok 6 mm

  • Insulates cold floors
  • TOG 1.7
  • Reflection of conventional / radiant heat
  • Acoustic performance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Impervious to mould and fungus
  • Most easy to fit (self-adhesive overlap)
  • 100% free from CFK’s

Heat-Blok 6 mm, is a most effective thermal insulation (TOG 1,7), perfect to isolate cold floors. Heat-Blok is placed directly underneath any electrical floor heating system.

Heat-Blok® prevents heat loss. This increases the efficiency of your floor heating. Heat-Blok® forms stable barrier between the cold substrate and the heating system. Both conventional heat and radiant heat are optimally reflected upwards. The ingenious structure and of Heat-Blok® provides a heat resistance of no less than TOG 1.7! This insulation value is most essential in situations where electric floor heating is fitted.

Heat-Blok® has been developed specially for its high insulating properties underneath the Heat-Pak® system: Heat-Blok®, electric floor heating and Heat-Pak® is the ideal fast-track floor prep combination for the direct glue-down of all types of resilient floorcoverings (vinyl, linoleum, etc.) Furthermore, Heat-Blok® is an ideal underlay for the floating installation of wood flooring and laminate.

A combination of resilient floorcovering, glued onto Heat-Pak® and placed over an electric floor heating system on Heat-Blok® performs an impact sound reduction of no less than 21 dB ΔLw (according to ISO 10140-3:2010). The most effective thermal insulation!


Insulating and acoustic underlay for floating floor coverings and electrical floor heating.