Unifloor Underlay Systems in Deventer has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 40 years


  • Ready for glue-down of all resilients (LVT’s etc.)
  • Provides a super smooth finish
  • Also most suitable for carpets
  • Low TOG 0.7
  • Exceptionally stable, free floating subfloor system
  • Quick & most easy to fit pre-fab system

Fast-track overlay system for all types of floor heating

Heat-Pak® is a fast-track, pre fab subfloor system, specially designed for installation over all types of floor heating. This state-of-the-art floor-prep format method provides a smooth, most stable surface, onto which all types of resilient floorcoverings are to be glued directly. The twin layers of Heat-Pak® panels utilise an overlap joint configuration to produce a seamless surface and prevent lines from ghosting through shiny floor finishes. Heat-Pak® creates the ideal subfloor for carpet, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, cork etc.

Heat-Pak® is simple to install and much quicker and easier to use than traditional subfloor preparation methods, such as smoothing compound. It is also an entirely dry process, so much cleaner and requires no setting time, which allows the finished flooring to be fitted immediately. Heat-Pak® makes the installation of electric cable, mat, foil or film systems far easier. Heat-Pak® ensures that the entire heating is safely protected underneath the finished floor.

A low thermal resistance; TOG of only 0.7, enables your valuable heat energy to pass quickly and easily through to the surface for a fast warm up time and maximum comfort. Unifloor’s Heat-Blok® product will provide for a suitable insulation layer below electric systems for optimum efficiency.

Heat-Pak® is composed from high quality MDF. The 3 mm baseboards and 4mm topboards are coated with a special interactive contact adhesive to give a strong, permanent fullsurface bond. Strict quality controls during production guarantee excellent results and a trouble-free installation every time.