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Fast-track floor prep system for ALL stuck-down resilients in heavy project use

Jumpax Top

  • Instant dry floor levelling of most substrates
  • A cost effective solution to problem floors
  • Exceptionally stable, free floating underlay system
  • Provides a super smooth finish
  • Ready for glue-down of all resilients and carpets
  • Direct stick of engineered wood
  • Impact sound reduction in combination with various sublayers
  • Quick and easy to fit and to handle (pack sizes)

Fast-track floor prep system for ALL stuck-down resilients in heavy project use

Jumpax® TOP is especially designed for application in projects where high demands are set to performance and supreme stability of the sub floor.

Jumpax® TOP is a free floating, fast track sub floor preparation system, suitable for the immediate glue-down of all resilient floor coverings, such as vinyl, LVT´s, linoleum, cork, rubber but also carpet and carpet tiles. Because of its excellent stability, Jumpax® TOP is also suitable for 2-layer prefab strip parquet. This type of parquet is glued directly on to the stable and perfectly smooth surface of Jumpax® TOP system, using a 2 component adhesive.

It can be used over almost any type of floor construction as well as floor heating systems. Because of the unique composition, Jumpax® TOP performs an excellent resistance against dynamic and static loads. This unique product is only 8 mm thick and requires only basic tools and skills, but produces a highly professional smooth finish.

It provides the solution to a whole range of problems associated with traditional surface preparation methods. Jumpax® TOP can be fitted under any circumstances, while other activities can be performed simultaneously. The two self-adhesive components are quickly and easily fitted as a free-floating sub-floor, instantly smoothing over typical irregularities and eliminating the need for screeds, primers, ply boards and nails. It is not necessary to remove old floor coverings, loose screeds or even surface contamination. Failures of new floors due to problem substrates, minor cracks or laitance become a thing of the past.

Using the Jumpax® TOP system not only saves considerable time and money, but also removes any risk of damage to pipes and cables in the floor. Of course, the whole installation can be removed just as easily, without any damage to the original floor finish, should this be required. A high performance in impact sound reduction is possible to be achieved when Jumpax® TOP is combined with various sublayers.