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Marathon Super®

  • High imprint resistance
  • Provides perfect stability
  • Superb levelling abilities
  • 100% natural product
  • Most easy to install
  • Impact sound reduction 21 dB Δ Lw

Marathon Super® acoustic, fast-track subfloor prep system, for floating cushion vinyl

Marathon Super® is a revolutionary acoustic underlay system, specifically designed for the use in combination with floating cushion vinyl. A sound reducing underlay with exceptional levelling and stabilising properties.

Marathon Super® is composed out of a hard top side and a soft lower side, which levels out every substrate up to 2 mm and therewith contributing to perfect aesthetics of your vinyl floor. The hard topside provides also high resistance against imprints from furniture and other sharp objects. 

Marathon Super® has extensively been tested by independent, internationally recognized and accredited institutes and meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. Marathon Super® reduces impact sound transmission by more than 21 dB ∆Lw in accordance to the European norm ISO 10140-3 2010.* Therefore Marathon Super® is completely suitable to be implemented in multi storey buildings, such as apartments where the acoustic requirements have to be met. A quick and simple floating installation makes Marathon Super® most user friendly. 

A polythene sheet should be used under this product as a moisture barrier.

* In a floating screed situation, the noise reduction of the composed top floor always depends on the impact noise reduction of floating screed system in place.

Fire class test

Measurement of impact sound insulation