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RedFloor 1.0

  • Impact Sound
  • Walking sound
  • Thermal resistance
  • Fire classes
  • Stability
  • Universal applicable over floor heating / cooling
  • Excellent transference of heat (TOG 0.2)
  • Impact sound reduction 21 dBΔLw (with LVT click)
  • Minimal thickness, only 1.0 mm
  • Most stable
  • CS value 400 kPa

RedFloor acoustic underlayment for LVT click (PVC) over floor heating / cooling

RedFloor® 1.0 has been designed especially for application over floor heating and floor cooling systems. Because of a minimal thickness of just 1.0 mm and its TOG of only 0.2. RedFloor® 1.0 will simply and quickly transmit the warmth to the floor surface.

RedFloor® 1.0 is used in combination with LVT (PVC) click.

RedFloor® combined with LVT click (PVC) achieves an impact sound reduction of 20 dB ΔLw, measured according to EN-ISO 10140-3: 2010.