Unifloor Underlay Systems in Deventer has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 40 years


  • Exceeds Robust Standard Detail
  • Requirements for FFT5 Impact Sound
  • Reduction over concrete floor
  • Significant improvements when used over timber floors
  • Creates a level and stable sub floor
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Tested according to EN-ISO 10140-3:2010
  • Environmentally friendly

Sound Reducing Flooring Panel

REDU-PANEL® is a high performance acoustic overlay flooring product and Cfl.s1 fire rating. At only 25 mm thickness the quick fit T&G panel (2400x600 mm), has an upper face of 18 mm P5 moisture-resistant chipboard bonded to a specially developed 7 mm soft fibreboard on the underside, which provides isolation from existing timber or concrete floor structures. The surface of REDU-PANEL® is exceptionally hardwearing and stable.

REDU-PANEL® is ideal for building up existing floor levels and is designed to damp vibration and attenuate airborne and impact noise passing through the floors. Tested in accordance with EN-ISO 10140-3:2010 REDU-PANEL® exceeded R.S.D. requirements of 17 dB ΔLw unloaded, giving a reduction of 19 dB ΔLw on an unloaded floor, 18 dB ΔLw with 23 kg per m2 floor loading and 18 dB ΔLw with a loaded laminate floor. Note: R.S.D. requirements are that ceiling construction should comply with any of types CT1-4.

REDU-PANEL® is suitable for use as an overlay product on new and existing timber and concrete floors. The high quality finish of the moisture-resistant upper surface makes REDU- PANEL® ideal for use throughout the building, including kitchens and bathrooms. REDU-PANEL® is used extensively in the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings into flats and apartments to upgrade the separating floor, and in new build projects over concrete floors to comply with Building Regulations Part “E” 2003.