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Sound reducing underfloor, especially for wood and laminate flooring


  • High levelling abilities
  • Impact sound reducing 21 dB Δ Lw
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Fitted with a special VVP-layer
  • Easy installation

Sound reducing underfloor, especially for wood and laminate flooring

Redupax® is a certified underlay system that has been internationally tested and proved to be the first in its kind to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. Redupax® has been tested on a conrete as well as on a wooden substrate. The results showed an outstanding reduction of impact sound of 21 dB ΔLw  in combination with laminate as from 8 mm thick, according to ISO-10140-3:2010. This improvement has been obtained on a concrete base floor with an affixed screed*.

With this result Redupax® is not only the ideal underlay system for parquet and laminate, it also guarantees a longer lifespan of both flooring types. Redupax® is fitted with a special VVP-layer that makes sure that while cutting, no fibres are separated from the panels. It also contributes to the outstanding sound reducing qualities.

Redupax® is made out of pure natural wood leavings from pine trees and can therefore be fully made into compost. The Redupax® panels have a natural colour and provide, besides the already mentioned sound reduction, a perfect thermal insulation as well, and it provides outstanding levelling qualities of up to 3 mm for every kind of substrate.

*In case of floating substrate systems the sound reduction of the finished floor covering will always depend on the impact sound reduction of the existing substrate.