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Acoustic Subfloor, specially for engineered wooden floors


  • Impact sound reduction 21 dB ΔL w
  • High levelling abilities
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Most easy to install
  • 100% natural product

Acoustic Subfloor, specially for engineered wooden floors

Soundkiller® has been specially designed for the floating installation of engineered wooden flooring and 2 layer wooden planks.

Soundkiller® has been extensively tested at independent, internationally recognized and accredited institutes and meets the requirements of various international Building Regulations. It reduces impact sound transmission by 21 dB ΔLw according to the new and more severe European norm EN-ISO 10140-3:2010. This improvement has been obtained on a concrete base floor with an affixed screed*.

Soundkiller® is not only the most ideal and the best acoustic underlay system for the floating installation of engineered wood flooring, it also guarantees a longer lifetime of your finished floor. It is very easy to install. Furthermore it is made from pure natural wood leavings from pine and fir trees and therefore can fully be recycled in a most environmental way.

Soundkiller® also provides excellent thermal insulation, as well as outstanding levelling properties up to 3 mm. With all these impressive qualities and a limited build-up of just 15 mm, Soundkiller® is the best choice of subfloor system for the free floating installation of engineered wooden floors. Soundkiller® is FSC® certified. * In case of floating substrate systems the sound reduction of the finished floor covering will always depend on the impact sound reduction of the existing substrate in place.