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Consumer - Changing lifestyle and purchase behaviour

The Dutch inspiration platform (Woonleven) examined the latest developments and trends in the field of flooring. The most important trends are that consumers' lifestyles and purchase behaviour change over time. In addition, sustainability is and remains a hot topic. What does this mean for you and for Unifloor products?

Both consumers and manufacturers are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. This causes changes in the market and influences the consumer's product choice. Other factors that play a role in choosing the right floor are:
• Lifespan
• Price-performance ratio
• Appearance
• Scratch resistance
• Moisture resistance
• Easy to clean

Consumers have become increasingly aware of the climate and the impact of their lifestyle and purchase behaviour on the environment. They want to reduce their impact on the environment and make adjustments in their (purchase) behaviour. A conscious choice of a sustainable floor is part of this as well. This means that when a sustainable alternative is available, many people would consider that alternative for a small additional cost.

For this reason, Unifloor considers sustainability to be the most important trend of 2020, better yet: of the upcoming years. Therefore, as an organisation, we are constantly developing to improve and (further) optimise the sustainability of our products. This has resulted, among other things, in us being FSC/PEFC certified from the new year on. This applies to the entire Jumpax® and Marathon® range. A new step towards a sustainable and responsible product range that meets consumers’ needs.