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New: Heat-Blok 8 mm

Besides Heat-Blok® 6 mm we have now developed Heat-Blok® 8 mm. The difference of 2 mm may seem small, but it is just enough to fit electric underfloor heating connectors without risk of damage.

Heat-Blok® is an insulator for under floor heating. Jumpax® Basic underlay, for example, is used on top of the electric underfloor heating. This is the thinnest underlay that is suitable for LVT (PVC) or linoleum.

It is important to note that the thermal resistance on the underside is approximately three times as high as that on the top. This ensures that the heat radiates into the living space instead of into the underlying concrete floor. This is an enormous improvement in efficiency and comfort.

Minimum thickness
Nevertheless, the thickness of the package should remain as minimal as possible. Electric underfloor heating is often installed on top of an existing concrete floor. In connection with door sills, there is no room for a thick floor package.

Heat-Blok 6 mm has a thermal resistance of 0.17 m².K/W and ensures excellent performance in combination with Jumpax® Basic. Unifloor is now introducing a thicker variant with a thermal resistance of 0.24 m².K/W. The main reason for developing this floor is the extra space required for concealing the connectors of various electrical underfloor heating systems.

Freely positioned connectors
As connectors are often 6 mm thick in practice, a thicker insulation layer is needed to prevent damage to the connector when using the current 6 mm variant.
Heat-Block 8mm offers the solution.