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New R&D centre commissioned

As an expert in subflooring, our ambition is to constantly remain at the forefront of new subfloor developments in the rapidly changing European flooring industry. One of the most important pillars is the reduction of impact sound. That is why we have invested in our test laboratory where impact sound can be measured both on a solid sand cement floor and on a wooden load-bearing floor, all according to the guidelines of EN-ISO 10140-3:2010. The test lab has been equipped and set up under the supervision of SWA (an accredited laboratory for the measurement of sound reduction) for the test lab in Deventer to be comparable to the test lab of SWA.

Head of R&D, Frank Vousten, stated, "We now have the opportunity to test new and existing products in Deventer first, after which we can go to an accredited test lab for new or renewal of official certificates. Another major advantage is that we can give an immediate indication of the impact sound reduction of the prescribed products in project applications. Therefore, we can respond quickly and provide our customers with the right support and information. Last month, several large floor suppliers came forward to carry out tests for extensive project applications."

The wooden load-bearing floor that is built directly next to the solid sand cement floor, is unique in this test lab. There is little information available on impact sound reduction on wooden load-bearing floors. To achieve contact sound reduction on wooden load-bearing floors, you need heavier subfloors, which are often used in the construction and renovation sector. 

Naturally, we will use the test lab to develop new subfloors that meet the latest standards and requirements in the flooring industry, considering today's top floors.

In addition to impact sound reduction, other tests can also be carried out in this test lab of over 250m2, such as residual indentation, heat/expansion, water tests, thickness measurements and residual moisture measurements. These tests are used, in particular, for the extensive entrance control of all subfloor products. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products.

Finally, Unifloor also offers the opportunity to attend or organise product training courses and layouts here, with the applicable restrictions as a result of Covid-19 in place

If you would like to have a test carried out, we will be happy to support you. For more information, please contact Frank Vousten (f.vousten@unifloor.nl).

With the new R&D centre, we are ready for the future.