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Renovation & Construction - From a lively warehouse to a quiet apartment complex

Due to the shortage of new construction projects, the scarcity on the housing market and the vacancy of many retail properties in the inner cities, more and more of those retail properties are being renovated into apartments. How can noise nuisance be prevented in an old building, which in some cases, might cause new residents to be disturbed by each other? 

In the city centre of Deventer, a former warehouse has been completely renovated into an apartment complex. The warehouse has wooden load-bearing floors and the challenge was to reduce impact sound as much as possible. Jumpax® CP is widely used in renovations where the floor structures have to be adapted to current standards and high standards are required to meet fire classes and impact sound reduction.

When our technical advisor was approached, it soon became clear that a reduction of impact sound (eg noises of your neighbours upstairs walking or moving furniture) was a requirement for the buyers of the property. Two brothers had bought the warehouse to renovate and rent it out as housing. The building, a former storefront, had to be converted into apartments. To reduce impact sound, it was very important to make the floor as stiff and rigid as possible to remove the ‘thumping’ sound from the floor above. The advice was, therefore, to first fit the existing floors with an 18 mm plywood board. Next, the special substrate Greenfloor®, in combination with Jumpax® CP, was chosen to find the right mass-spring ratio, for which these products are extremely suitable. The combination is only 15 mm thick, fire-retardant from above and it reduces as much as 12 dB ΔLn impact sound on a wooden load-bearing floor.

Jumpax® CP has a high resistance to mechanical damage, perfectly flattens a floor and is virtually unaffected by the effects of moisture. Various floor coverings can be placed on the top, such as vinyl, linoleum and LVT (PVC strips). A thin levelling layer must first be applied when laying resilient floor coverings. Depending on the application, Jumpax® CP is combined with different substrates (Ecopearls®, Redupax® or Greenfloor®).

When a floor has to comply with current standards and meet high requirements in terms of fire classes (Bfl-s1) and impact sound reduction, Jumpax® CP is the solution for wooden load-bearing floors and can provide you with a perfect floor. 

Do you have a renovation project where you’re facing challenges with the floor? Please contact Unifloor, we can advise you which products are suitable for different applications.    

A total of four apartments have been created on the property, with a total area of 288 m2.