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Unifloor on board of rowing team Dutchess of the Sea

From left to right: Jan Wiessenberg (CEO Forest Group), Remke (team DotS), Bela (team DotS), Astrid (team DotS), Désiréé (team DotS), Willem-Jan Candel (CEO Unifloor), Dion Bosch (CEO SunFolie-Techniek)

Unifloor is proud to be sponsorpartner, together with Forest Group and SunFolie-Techniek, of the women's rowing team Dutchess of the Sea. The ladies rowing team will cross the ocean in their pink rowing boat from December 12 2020 to raise money for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Plastic Soup Foundation.

The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, the toughest rowing race in the world, goes from La Gomera (Canary Islands) to Antigua in the Caribbean Sea. The rowers cover nearly 5000 km across the open ocean. Defying the most extreme weather conditions, beat by beat, two hours on and two hours off.

In addition to intensive preparation, finding sponsors proved to be no easy task. Because of COVID-19 the business community was reluctant. The three sponsor companies are part of the family business Bosgoed Holding, which was founded by Henk Bosgoed. Dion Bosch, CEO of SunFolie-Techniek on behalf of the three organizations: “When the rowing team asked us to be a sponsor, we immediately acted quickly. Especially in these turbulent times, a wonderful challenge like this deserves a helping hand. ” Astrid Janse from Dutchess of the Sea ”We are very happy with these important sponsors. How nice is it that especially now that local companies want to stick their necks out.”

Sustainable entrepreneurship
The way the ladies cross the ocean is not only the sportiest, but also the most environmentally friendly way. Dion Bosch: “With their sustainable performance and the support of the Plastic Soup Foundation, the women's team makes a nice link to sustainable entrepreneurship. Something that we as a family business are also busy with. Unifloor produces more and more underlays that are recyclable and the products bear an FSC label that guarantees the fact that the forests in our world can be preserved through responsible forest management. SunFolie-Techniek offers indoor sun protection with a high insulation value and Forest Group is currently working on making the packaging material more sustainable.” The Dutchess expect to cross the finish line in the Caribbean Sea in the week of January 19 2021.