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Underfloor heating - Let the winter come

If we are to believe the scientists, it’s going to be a very cold winter and we’ll all be taking our warm clothes out of the closet. In such cold times, there’s nothing like having a cosy warm feeling in your home. And warm feet. Ever more people want underfloor heating in their homes, but what’s the right underfloor and what results can be achieved with it?

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric underfloor heating and underfloor heating by means of hot water in plastic hoses in the screed. Both systems require a choice for the right subfloor. Because every layer placed on top of the underfloor heating insulates the heat. Due to this, it’s important to choose a subfloor with the lowest possible insulation value or thermal resistance (R- value). We have a number of products that are highly suitable for this, because they have a very low R-value, and offer additional advantages: a low thickness, high stability and a noise reduction of 24%! Ask your technical advisor about the possibilities and specifications of Heatfoil® and/or Redfloor®.

With electric underfloor heating it’s also important that the underfloor heating mat is placed on an insulator with as high an insulation value as possible. Unifloor offers a unique solution for this with the Heatblok®. This subfloor, of only 6 mm thick, provides a barrier between the cold surface and the top floor and thus prevents heat loss. An (elastic) underfloor heating mat can be placed directly on the underfloor heating mat. Our technical advisors would be happy to advise you on all subfloors that are suitable for underfloor heating.