Unifloor Underlay Systems in Deventer has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 40 years

Jumpax® Family: a subfloor for every situation

Jumpax® is the original underlay developed by Unifloor itself. The Jumpax® Family guarantees a high-quality, reliable solution for every situation. There is a suitable Jumpax® underlay for every combination of subfloor and top floor - soundproofing and/or levelling.

The first underlay that we at Unifloor ever developed was called Jumpax® Classic. Initially it was called Jumpax® Original, but all other members of the underlay family are original and were developed by us as well. For the original, with all the knowledge and expertise that went into it, you should still go to Unifloor.

 All jumpax variants have a bottom and top board, both with interactive adhesive.

 The family consists among others of:

Jumpax® Classic
This underlay consists of two layers of MDF (3+4 mm) with 3 mm EPS underneath. The EPS improves the impact sound insulation and levels out unevennesses up to 3 mm. 

EPS is not suitable for underfloor heating due to its insulating effect. For this reason,  Heat-Pak is made up exclusively of two layers of MDF (3+4 mm). Heat-Pak can be combined with Heat-Blok® for electrical floor heating and with the heat-permeable, sound-insulating material for traditional floor heating, HeatFoil®.

Jumpax® HD
For heavier loads, we developed subfloors with 2 x 4 mm MDF.
The Jumpax® Heavy Duty (HD) has an underlayer of 2 mm PE foam that insulates impact sound and levels out unevennesses of 2 mm.

Finally, a different variant is Jumpax® CP, which consists of two layers of cement board with interactive adhesive. The CP is more of a building product, suitable for underfloor heating or for impact sound improvement of wooden floors in combination with Cocofloor® or if fire safety is an issue, for example.